Czym jest Chrześcijańska Służba Proroczej Modlitwy?

  • Christian: Everything we do is Christ Centered.  Jesus the Christ, through His sacrifice on the Cross and His resurrection from the grave, has made a way for every promise of God to be "Yea and Amen" (II Cor 1:20). We help others appropriate His finished work into their life, so that they can be further set free and made whole.
  • Prophetic: (Prophetic simply means that we listen to and hear the Voice of the Lord, as the Holy Spirit speaks to us (John 10:4).) This form of ministry is prophetic for two reasons.
    • One, the basis for RTFM is the Holy Bible, as it is illuminated by the accumulation of revelation, particularly since the time of the Reformation. This revelation comes through the Rhema Word of God, as He breaths Life into the Scriptures. As we minister and train RTF ministers, we teach present truth understandings of the four problem/ministry areas, and how to minister to them in an integrated manner.
    • Two, we depend heavily on the Voice of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us during the actual RTF ministry sessions.
  • Prayerful: Everything we do is bathed in prayer. God is given total access to direct us according to His Will, so that His freedom and healing can come into the ministry receiver's life.
  • Ministry: The Wonderful Counselor is one of the Names of the Christ. We do not attempt to give good advice (counsel), as a doctor or lawyer might, but rather to bring God's Word into each individual's life through the ministry of the life and spirit of the Word.



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